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Awards Program


For the 2014 Awards Booklet, click here.

For the 2014 Awards Manual, click here.



Federation Awards Committee Meeting

On June 12, 2014, our Federation's Awards Committee met at Chairman Janet Spaulding's home to review the many annual reports sent in by our clubs in addition to several three-page Awards Applications specially prepared for projects done throughout the year. Based on your submissions, we will have a great number of clubs and/or individuals who will receive recognition at our October 29th Awards Luncheon at Aqua Turf.

Members in attendance (L-R) Historic/Memorial/Public Gardens Chair Nancy Lenoce; Civic Development Chair Maureen Carson; Youth Chair Ann Germano;
Garden Therapy Chair Dottie Fox; Advisory Council Chair Ronnie Schoelzel; Awards Vice-Chair Helen Pritchard; Silver Manager Inge Venus;
Seated: Awards Chair Janet Spaulding. Unable to attend: Environmental Concerns/Conservation Chair Louise Weber; Horticulture Chair Pamela Weil and Tribute Awards Chair Leslie Martino.










John Campanelli – University of Connecticut – Field of Study: Sustainable Organic Horticulture

Julie Carson – Yale University – Field of Study: Environmental Studies and Community Building

Bryan Crowley – Yale University – Field of Study: Environmental Science

Shane Feyers – Yale University – Field of Study:   Environmental Management

Christopher Lorentson – Eastern CT State University – Field of Study: Sustainable Energy Science

Julius Pasay – Yale University – Field of Study:   Forestry

Timothy White – Yale University – Field of Study: Environmental Management



Tribute Awards

Each year at the Annual Awards Meeting, The Federation honors outstanding members of local clubs for their service to club, community and state with Tribute Awards.

Click here for our 2013 winners!

Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Inc.
Connecticut Flower Show Awards*

CONNECTICUT JUDGES DESIGN AWARD - Old Gold Rosette [95 pts. or more]

This award may be given to an outstanding exhibit in a design class which is ineligible for a National Award. Only one may be given per show. Examples: Novice, miniatures, door wreaths, corsages etc.


This award may be given to a Standard Flower Show being evaluated and scoring 95 or more but NOT going on to National Garden Clubs for an award.

CONNECTICUT JUDGES SPECIAL AWARD - Yellow and White Rosette [94 pts. or more]

This award may be given to one Educational or Special Exhibit that awakens interest in a subject and stimulates the viewer to learn more. There are no space requirements. Scale of points:

Achieves objectives of involving the viewer 40
One dominant thought 20
Staging 20
Theme conformity 10
Accuracy 10


A flower show award in recognition of Education and Special Exhibits that may be given at the discretion of the judges (one or more per show). This award is offered to exhibits eligible for the Brown and White Educational Award so that it would be possible for each outstanding exhibit to receive an award. This award may be presented to other than garden club members exhibits which qualify.

NOTE: (The Brown & White requires 95 pts. or more WITH specific space requirements. This award should score 90 pts. or more but has NO space requirements.)

CONNECTICUT GARDEN AWARD - Green and White Rosette

This may be awarded to the outstanding garden scoring 95 or above in a Standard Flower Show and/or House and Garden Show or Tour. Scale of Points:

Design of garden and special features 30
Plant quality and suitability 25
Color harmony 15
Relationship to house or building 15
Maintenance 15


This award may be given at any Standard Flower Show presented by The FGCCT or member clubs for a group effort for garden design or other horticultural effort. The exhibit must score 95 points or higher. Only one may be awarded per show.


A Flower Show Award in recognition of Junior/Intermediate Educational and Special Exhibits may be given at the discretion of the judges. This award may be offered to exhibits eligible for the Junior Achievement/Intermediate Meritorious Award making it possible for each outstanding exhibit to receive an award.

NOTE: This award may be viewed as comparable to the Connecticut. Silver and Blue but in the Junior/Intermediate Division. More than one may be given in the same show. It MAY NOT be given to an exhibit that received the Junior Achievement Award. It may be given to an ex hibit which is eligible for the Jr. Achievement and/or Intermediate Meritorious Award. Thus the second exhibit is now eligible for the Meritorious Award, enabling both exhibits to be recognized.

* These awards may be given in a Standard Flower Show in addition to National Garden Clubs, Inc., flower show awards. The Standard System of Awarding, listed in the 2007 "Handbook for Flower Shows," shall be used.

[Note: Connecticut Flower Show Rosettes and entry cards may be purchased from The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Inc., office in Branford.]

For National Garden Clubs Flower Show Awards, click here.

There is nothing The Federation likes to do better, than to present awards to member clubs and individuals that have outstanding projects. Projects such as civic beautification, garden therapy, youth programs, conservation, wild flower plantings. Sometimes, you as a club don't realize that you are doing something unusual, that is why it is so important for you to complete the annual report form, which is sent to the president of each club at the beginning of the new year. These forms are then sent to the appropriate chair, who seeks out the clubs with the most exciting and challenging projects. The state chair may ask that your club prepare a book of evidence. A book of evidence is easy to prepare if you have been keeping a photo story, have newspaper publicity and letters of appreciation from town officials, or others that have been served by your garden club members. The key to Federated Garden Club of Connecticut awards is to let your story be known ... don't hide the facts of your wonderful projects. We want to REWARD YOU for all your hard work.

Deadlines for FGCCT Awards

For a complete list of all awards offered by FGCCT, click here.

For more information on FGCCT Awards, please contact Janet Spaulding, 9 Applewood Lane, Glastonbury, CT 06033, tel. 860-430-2636; email

Deadline Award
November 1 Nominations for Member Award of Honor to 2nd Vice President.
November 15

Yearbook (program) Entries (3 copies) to Yearbook Chair
Youth Entries - Smokey Bear, Woodsy Owl
to Youth Activities Chair

Newsletter Publication Entries to Public Relations Chair

December 15 Deadline for Newsletter Awards to State Public Relations Chair
Rebecca Paul
259 Saw Mill Road
Guilford, CT 06437
January 25 Publicity Press Book to State Public Relations Chair
Rebecca Paul
259 Saw Mill Road
Guilford, CT 06437
March 1 NGC Scholarship Applications to Scholarship Chair
May 1 Nominations for the Bronze Medal to Awards Chair
June 1 Tribute Award Nominations to 2nd Vice President
All Books of Evidence due to appropriate Chairs:
Civic Development
Environmental Concerns/Conservation
Garden Therapy
Historic Preservation/Memorial and Public Gardens
Youth Activities
June 15 Landscape Design Council Award for Excellence in Design
June 15 Gardening Consultants Council's "LOVE-LY" Garden Award" Click here for application form (PDF format)
July 1 FGCCT Scholarship Applications to Scholarship Chair
August 15 Deadline for Tribute Awards to Second VP, Membership Chair
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