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2007 Annual Luncheon (scroll down for Tony Todesco's designs)

From the 2007 Luncheon, held on April 18 at Aqua Turf

Left, Past President Sherry Sanelli receives the president's pin from President Maria Nahom.

Below left, President Maria Nahom (left) with Past President Sherry Sanelli.

Below right, Charlotte Bisson, Maria Nahom, and Evelyn Shapiro

NGC Master Judge and floral designer at the 2007 Annual Meeting. Please keep in mind that these were taken as presented at the meeting, without background. Photography by Jackie Haddock and Sherry Sanelli.

* Please note the design descriptions here (found below each photo) are only quoted in part from the NGC 2007 Handbook for Flower Shows.

NGC Master Judge and floral designer Tony Todesco with one of his creations at the 2007 FGCCT Annual Luncheon. Traditional Mass Design
Handbook, p. 182 - "Linear set-pattern is strongly apparent, as for Line Design; however, additional material enhances and strengthens the line.

Tapestry: A Three-Dimensional Collage
Handbook, p. 210 - "A Creative solid-mass design with a geometric closed silhouette/s. . . . Emphasis is on plant material by volume with other components optional. As an artist creates a painting or work of art, the designer defines the silhouette's within the allotted space. This becomes the canvas and the added components become the medium. . . . . Imaginative design technique/s and applications must be used, e.g., pillowing, pave, color blocking, bunching, weaving, etc. Inner space is achieved by overlapping of planes and/or components by groupings of like colors, textures, forms, and/or by placing next to other contrasting groupings or other components."

Linear Design


Multi-Rhythmic Design
Handbook, p.205 - "A Creative Design with emphasis on two or more rhythms in the design."

Multi-Rhythmic Designs
All Foliage Design
Mono Botanic Design
Handbook, p. 204 - "A Creative Design using multiple parts of a plant of one family or genus. Parts may be stems, bloom/s, foliage, roots, fruit, etc."




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